Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slaying Debt

I am Cliff Jordan, for whom many years (18 to be exact), has slaved as a bill collector. And I was good at it, getting people to cough up hard earned dough for old ass bills. But the industry started to change; maybe I started to change too. It didn’t seem fair taking advantage of people who didn’t know their rights when it came to their debt. Collectors calling individuals at work threatening to garnish their wages, as if they were gaining power from the financial woes of others, I guess power in many cases does equal money. This work got to me. I couldn’t throw good people under the bus. I couldn’t watch, or even worse, be a Collector who harasses and demoralizes someone who simply can’t pay.

My decision to start helping people with their debt was born from the lack of respect collection agencies now show people who are in financial jams. I admit, I have gone rouge in the past, shamefully harassed individuals, but now I offer my support, my expertise and yes, my muscle to you.

I know the inside of collections and I can 100% guarantee you will not have to pay the full amount Collectors claim you owe. In fact their sloppy mistakes can disqualify them from collecting any money from you at all, but you have to know the tricks and with my 18 years of experience, I DO.

If bill collectors are putting you through it, lean on me. You have rights and choices, damn what they tell you, you are still in charge.